Cyber Security 101

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What is Security :

Security is freedom or
resilience from potential harm. This usually refers to freedom from potential

What is Cyber Security :

Cyber security is the protection of electronic  systems (physical  or virtual ) from potential danger.

Why Cyber Security :

In this world of interconnected systems and computers the boundary where the digital world begins and ends is often blurred.

a. Is your phone a
computer ?

b. How about Amazon Alexa or Google Home and the interconnected lights or security locks at your house ?

c. How about the
wireless electricity meter in your house ?

d. How about the new
Tesla Roadster parked in your garage ?

All the above are
examples of interconnected computer systems which collect, retain and transmit
information (data).

Similar to the way houses are protected via fences, alarms , doors and safe designs – computer systems (hardware and software) can be protected from any malicious activities . The art and science of protecting these systems (irrespective of whether they are interconnected or not) is called Computer security or Cyber Security.

Why Cyber Security is important to me :

Every day Cyber Security is at the forefront of News Broadcast. We see instances of Credit card numbers and their user information stolen/posted on the internet . We see instances of user data made public and the immense reputational damage it leads to. We have seen cases of company losing their proprietary and confidential data leading to loss of edge in their industry.

Due to the various threats and potential harm that can occur, it is critical to secure the computer systems and their data. Hence Cyber Security is important to you.

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